Ghana Domain Name Registry (GDNR) with support from the Ghana Meteorological Agency (GMET) Empowers Tertiary Students with 3-Day DOMAIN NAME SYSTEMS (DNS) Training!

The Ghana Domain Name Registry (GDNR) announces a 3-day intensive DNS training programme specifically designed for students in tertiary institutions! This initiative aims to equip the next generation with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

The programme will delve into the fascinating world of the Domain Name System (DNS), the foundation of the Internet. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of:

DNS Fundamentals: Demystify the components of DNS, explore the domain hierarchy, and discover the types of information stored within this critical system.

DNS Query & Response: Learn how a DNS query travels and retrieves information, along with the role of zone files in this process.

DNS Security (DNSSEC): Uncover the importance of safeguarding the DNS from cyberattacks and explore how DNSSEC helps ensure a secure online experience.

Hands-On DNS Configuration:
Practical sessions will provide participants with firsthand experience setting up and managing a DNS server.

This program extends far beyond theoretical knowledge. Here’s what students can expect to gain:

Skill Development: Participants will walk away with practical skills to effectively implement, troubleshoot, and manage DNS – a valuable asset for any tech-savvy professional.

Local DNS Awareness: Dive into the advantages and practicalities of utilizing local DNS services, including the .GH domain and hosting options.

Career Readiness: Gain a competitive edge by acquiring relevant, hands-on experience that will prepare you for a future career in the dynamic field of DNS and related technologies.

Academic Enrichment: Bridge the gap between academic theory and practical application, enriching your overall educational experience.

Participating Schools

  1. BlueCrest University College – Monday, April 29th, 2024
  2. University of Professional Studies, Accra – Tuesday April 30th, 2024
  3. Ghana Communication Technology University (GCTU)- Thursday, May 9th, 2024

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