Ghana Domain Name Registry Convenes 1st Local Internet Community Meeting of 2024

The Ghana Domain Name Registry (GDNR) hosted the 1st Local Internet Community (LIC) meeting of 2024 on Wednesday, January 31st 2024. The physical meeting, held at the MoCD conference room, brought together representatives from various Internet-related organizations to discuss the delegation of the .GH domain name to the GDNR and strengthen ties between the GDNR and the LIC.

Focus on Multistakeholder Management and LIC Engagement

The agenda centered on progress towards a multistakeholder management model for the .GH domain name. A demonstration of the Policy Input Portal was provided, offering attendees a glimpse into the participatory process. Additionally, the GDNR announced an upcoming call for registrars, ensuring a competitive landscape for .GH domain registration.

Attendance and Representation

While the GDNR anticipated 45 attendees, a total of 31 individuals participated, with 26 attending physically and 5 joining virtually via Zoom. This representation reflects the commitment of various stakeholders within the Ghanaian internet community.

Action Points for Continued Collaboration

Key action points emerged from the discussions, including:

  1. Broadening the LIC’s membership by inviting media outlets and private organizations.
  2. Establishing a formal leadership and governance structure for the LIC.

The meeting concluded with recommendations for the GDNR. Participants encouraged the GDNR to:

  1. Organize regular meetings to keep the LIC informed about the delegation process and GDNR activities.
  2. Follow up with organizations that consistently miss LIC meetings.

Positive Outcomes and Looking Forward

The meeting served as a successful platform for PoCs to share their perspectives and experiences with the .GH domain name administration. The GDNR’s commitment to open communication and collaboration bodes well for the future of the .GH domain name.

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