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Ghana Domain Name Registry Participates in the 2023 Ghana International Trade Fair

The Ghana Domain Name Registry (GDNR) actively participated in the 27th edition of the Ghana International Trade Fair held in Accra. The trade fair, which took place at the West Hills Malls from March 1 to 7, 2023, focused on the theme “Building A Sustainable Entrepreneurial Nation: Helping SMEs Rebound.” GDNR joined various governmental institutions and private business owners to market and promote their brands during the event.

GDNR’s primary objectives for participating in the trade fair were to promote the usage of the .GH domain, educate visitors about GDNR’s mandates and responsibilities and solicit feedback on how to improve the .GH domain. Additionally, GDNR conducted a survey for marketing purposes and provided support to those interested in transitioning to the .GH domain.

In addition to promoting GDNR’s services, the team proactively visited other participants’ booths to educate them about the advantages of migrating to the .GH domain. This outreach effort aimed to expand awareness and encourage the adoption of the .GH domain among participants. Flyers were also distributed to these participants to provide them with further information.

By engaging with visitors and distributing informative materials, GDNR highlighted the benefits of adopting .GH country code top-level domains (ccTLDs).

  1. The use of .GH domains provides businesses and individuals with a distinct online identity that establishes their connection to Ghana.
  2. It enhances local branding and showcases a commitment to the Ghanaian market.
  3. The .GH domains offer better visibility in local search results, making it easier for businesses to target local customers.
  4. They also enhance trust and credibility among Ghanaian internet users, as .GH domains are administered by the official domain registry, ensuring reliable and secure online experiences.

By emphasizing these advantages, GDNR encouraged trade fair participants to consider switching to .GH domains and further solidify their online presence within the Ghanaian market.

GDNR took advantage of the trade fair to gather valuable feedback from visitors regarding their experiences with the .GH domain. This feedback was crucial for identifying areas of improvement and enhancing the services provided by GDNR. The team also conducted surveys, allowing participants to share their opinions and preferences, which contributed to valuable market insights.

One notable feature of the trade fair was the opportunity for representatives from different booths to speak about their products and services. This platform enabled GDNR and other participants to effectively showcase their offerings to a wider audience, creating greater visibility for their respective brands.

In conclusion, GDNR’s participation in the 27th Ghana International Trade Fair was a success. The team effectively promoted the use of the .GH domain, gathered valuable feedback, and provided support to those interested in transitioning to the .GH domain. GDNR remains committed to fostering the growth and adoption of the .GH domain within Ghana’s digital landscape.

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