Ghana Domain Name Registry Proudly Recognizes Mr. Francis Acquah Amaning as a Global Youth Leader at the World Internet Conference

The Ghana Domain Name Registry is delighted to announce and celebrate the remarkable achievement of Mr. Francis Acquah Amaning, a distinguished systems administrator, for being selected as a Global Youth Leader in the inaugural cohort of the World Internet Conference (WIC) Global Youth Leadership Program.

Launched in August of this year, the WIC Global Youth Leadership Program received applications from nearly 60 countries and regions worldwide. Esteemed international organizations, leading global Internet enterprises, and renowned scholars in the field recommended candidates, ultimately selecting 18 outstanding young individuals from 14 countries and regions across five continents. Mr. Francis Acquah Amaning, representing Ghana, emerged as one of the standout leaders through a rigorous screening process.

The selected Global Youth Leaders had the unique opportunity to participate in this year’s World Internet Conference Wuzhen Summit, where they collectively engaged in the “Youth and Digital Future” Forum. This platform enabled them to share their perspectives on internet technology, industry, and governance through keynote speeches, cross-generational dialogues, and various exchanges. The goal was to amplify the voices of the global youth community and contribute to the shaping of the digital landscape.

The WIC, in its commitment to fostering an open, inclusive, and vibrant international youth community, organized a series of activities under the Global Youth Leadership Program. These initiatives aimed to collaborate with diverse stakeholders and build a community with a shared future in the cyberspace realm.

Mr. Francis Acquah Amaning’s selection as a Global Youth Leader was a testament to his exceptional skills and contributions as a systems administrator at the Ghana Domain Name Registry. His participation in this prestigious program not only reflected his personal achievements but also highlighted the strength and capability of professionals within the Ghanaian tech community.

The Ghana Domain Name Registry extends its heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Francis Acquah Amaning and expresses immense pride in his representation on the global stage. As an organization committed to advancing technology and internet governance, the registry recognized this achievement as a significant milestone for both Mr. Amaning and the entire Ghanaian tech community.

We look forward to witnessing the positive impact and contributions that Mr. Francis Acquah Amaning will undoubtedly make as he took on this role as a Global Youth Leader at the World Internet Conference. His journey exemplifies the spirit of innovation, dedication, and excellence that the Ghana Domain Name Registry strives to foster within its team and the broader technological landscape.

The Board Members of the Ghana Domain Name Registry with Mr. Francis Acquah Amaning

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