5th Local Internet Community Meeting in 2023 focuses on Policy Review, Leadership, and Collaboration

The Ghana Domain Name Registry (GDNR) convened the 5th Local Internet Community (LIC) meeting of the year on Thursday, 2nd November 2023. The meeting, which included both physical and virtual attendees, addressed key issues related to the .GH domain name and the LIC’s development.

Meeting Highlights

Policy Review and Public Input: Discussions centered on the upcoming review of the .GH domain name policy. Mr. Asafu-Aidoo, GDNR representative, emphasized the importance of community involvement. He announced the creation of a Policy Input Committee (PIC) and a dedicated online portal for submissions.

Leadership Structure for the LIC: A lively conversation ensued regarding the LIC’s leadership structure. Participants emphasized the need for inclusive representation, including government agencies, private organizations, technical communities, academia, security agencies, women’s groups, civil society, and registrars. An online participant, Mr. Kofi Ansah, a representative from the Ghana Internet Service Providers Association (GISPA) proposed media representation, suggesting partnerships with media houses to raise awareness.

Learning from Others: Recognizing the value of established models, members suggested studying how other communities have structured their leadership.

Formalizing the LIC: Mr. Eugene Owusu, a potential registrar advocated for a formal constitution or guidelines to guide the LIC’s development and solidify its structure.

Collaboration and Delegation

A video presentation by GDNR Board Chair Dr. Nanayaa Prempeh highlighted her participation at ICANN 78. Key takeaways included representing the GDNR and the LIC at the general meeting, discussing delegation with stakeholders, and fostering relationships with other registries.

The LIC members deliberated on media engagement, ultimately deciding to leverage all available resources before seeking media involvement to expedite the delegation process.

Looking Ahead

The 5th LIC meeting underscored the GDNR’s commitment to transparency and collaboration. The focus on policy review, inclusive leadership, and collective action positions the LIC for a productive role in shaping the future of the .GH domain name.

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