Dr. Francis Boateng Agyenim


Dr. Francis Boateng Agyenim is a Ghanaian scholar and leader with extensive experience in academia, research, and industry. He currently serves as the Director of the CSIR-Institute of Industrial Research (CSIR-IIR), Ghana’s premier research and development institute dedicated to driving national progress and global competitiveness through science and technology.

Before his current role, Dr. Agyenim held leadership positions at various institutions, including Dean of the Graduate School at the Ghana Communication Technology University and Lecturer/Researcher at universities in the UK. His academic career focused on renewable and alternative energy systems, sustainable energy technologies, and related research areas. He has also served as a lead consultant and principal investigator on numerous research and development projects.

Dr. Agyenim brings a wealth of international experience to his various roles. He has consulted for international organizations like UNESCO, UNDP, and BMBF, and participated in expert consultations under the Paris Agreement. He has also collaborated with universities and companies across the globe, fostering research and development partnerships.

Beyond academia and research, Dr. Agyenim possesses a strong track record in leadership and governance. He has served on the boards of nine international, regional, and national organizations, including universities, councils, and private companies. He has actively contributed to shaping strategic direction and providing guidance across various sectors.

Dr. Agyenim is a highly accomplished individual with a distinguished academic background. He holds a PhD in Solar Energy Engineering (UK), an MSc in Energy Conversion and Management (Germany), and a BSc (Hons) in Metallurgical Engineering (Ghana). He is also a prolific author with several publications in his field of expertise.

Dr. Agyenim’s dedication to research, innovation, and leadership makes him an asset to the boards and organizations he serves, including the Ghana Domain Name Registry.